Can you use an Airtag as a GPS tracker for your motorcycle?

May 12, 2023Max Clemenceau
Peut-on utiliser un Airtag comme tracker GPS pour sa moto ?

What is an airtag?

AirTags are small Apple tags which, in the event of loss or theft, allow you to be geolocated via the “Locate” application.

GPS trackers allow you to locate your two-wheeler remotely in the event of theft, for example. But are Apple's small trackers, AirTags, a good alternative?

No subscription required!

They do not have a GPS chip or SIM card, but work via Bluetooth. If your iPhone or that of a stranger is within range of the AirTag, its location is updated in the Find My app.

The data is encrypted and is only transmitted to your associated account. In case of loss, you can therefore easily locate the object by displaying the distance and direction.

He has proven these things and it also stands out!

This technology has since proven itself and is formidable, since we are talking about hundreds of millions of iPhones, Macs and iPads on the market. There will always be a relay nearby.

If you don't have an iPhone, you won't be able to use it. It is only possible to contact the owner when this AirTag is found by an Android smartphone.

But what advantages then?

  1. The first advantage of AirTags is that they are inexpensive! At €35 each, this makes it the most economical solution for locating your motorcycle.
  2. Second, Apple's tracker is relatively small and discreet and is easily concealed on a motorcycle. No need to connect it to the battery either, because it works with a conventional battery for a battery life of two years.
  3. Finally, the last advantage of AirTags is that they do not need a subscription, since they use any nearby Apple device to locate themselves.
  4. The AirTag is a great alternative to GPS trackers for motorcycles, because you don't need a subscription and it can be located easily and intuitively on iPhone with the original "locate" application.

Waterproof, yes but much more!

In theory, the Airtag is waterproof, but on a motorcycle it's not just a few drops that it will have to endure.

This is why we manufacture the Airbox, a revolutionary accessory that allows you to simply attach the Airtag to any vehicle, click on the link if you want to find out more: airtag holder for motorcycle available HERE.


Keep in mind that if you get the idea of ​​spying on someone's movements with your Airtag, know that after a certain time, they will be notified on their iPhone that they are being tracked by the Airtag.